Attention Wrecker Drivers:


Get Paid More for The Job You Already Do.

EnableDOT is the first app of its kind to reward wrecker drivers for incident data, and it’s all done through one simple form. Download the app today!

1. Create a Report

Creating a report is simple thanks to the app, and usually takes less than five minutes.

2. Don’t forget the photos!

Photos of the accident, and essential identification are crucial to the report. You take them right from the app, or upload from your photo library.

3. Wait For Approval

If everything looks good, we get you your money in less than a week! If not, editing and resubmitting is easy!

4. Get Paid

Once the report is approved, you get paid via PayPal instantly! No complicated sign-up, no hassle. It’s yours!

Get Notified When
Your Report is Ready

Thanks to in-app notifications, you’ll get an alert as soon as you get paid. You’ll also get a heads up when you need to fix a report and resubmit it.

One Dashboard
To Manage All Your Earnings

Within the app dashboard, you will find everything you need to earn as much as possible on the job. We give you earning info, report status and much more all at a glance.

Get Started Today!

Ready to begin making easy extra money from incident reports? Download the app and get going! Just visit the app store for your device via the buttons below: